Modern Kitchen Designs.. Every Woman’s dream

  • Ultra-Modern Features You May Expect To Find
  • Bold lines, flat planes: Straight, unyielding lines abound.
  • Stark color contrasts: White against black, black against white.
  • Monochromatic: Sometimes, the kitchen hews to one color as much as possible, often white or black. If not this, colors are different but stick close to the same tonal range.
  • Hugely vibrant colors: A third color scheme employs one shockingly bold color–red, orange, blue–and uses this in great quantity throughout the kitchen.
  • Manmade materials: Melamine, steel, glass vs. real wood.
  • European: Scratch the surface of any ultra-modern kitchen design and you’ll find European provenance, usually Italian.

Minimizing the natural look: Often, melamine surfaces will mimic the look of real wood. And, some kitchens have flat, hard-edged panels of wood as accents. But, this is about as far as it goes.

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