12 Modern Kitchen Design Trends 2020

The kitchen is the heart of the home. At Ultra Modern Kitchens, we are passionate about designing kitchens that are practical, welcoming and trendy. The modern kitchen designs trends of 2020 can be incorporated into kitchens of all sizes and layouts. We have also made a rundown of the latest bathroom design ideas.

Here are 12 modern kitchen design trends of 2020:

ultra modern kitchen design trends

Open shelves

Open shelves are arguably the most trending kitchen design. It’s practical and the most effortless way decorate your kitchen walls. Put everything on display, from coffee mugs and plates to crystal glasses, herbs and dry ingredients. Our only recommended rule of thumb for this idea, is to stick to one colour scheme and avoid showcasing the plastic picnic cutlery. Wooden and cement shelves are especially aesthetically pleasing.

open shelves in kitchen

Colourful cabinets

If open shelves aren’t to your liking, colourful cabinets might just be. The options are endless. Bright and bold cabinets with plain white walls are very modern. Some might prefer darker colours, such as navy or perhaps a subtle and earthy forest green.

colourful kitchen cabinets

Wooden elements

Wood is a very popular and durable material. Wooden countertops are a timeless trend. It goes with every style, from vintage farmhouse kitchens, to the most modern homes. They are also easy to clean and maintain. Another idea is to add some wooden barstools and pendant lights. Today even toasters and kettles are available with wooden accents. Wood can be the main material, or used to compliment cement, metal and other materials.

wooden kitchen items

Showstopper ceilings

This is a unique way of bringing a kitchen to life. Get creative with the trend and make your ceiling a work of art! Light blue shades are a favourite at the moment. Wooden beams make a house feel like a home too. For some dramatic designs, paint a pattern on it or choose a dark colour. Together with bright appliances and crisp white walls, the kitchen might just become the most modern area of the house.

wooden beams kitchen ceiling

Pastel appliances

Although this trend has been around for a quite a while, it still seems to be growing in popularity every passing year. Just about every kitchen appliance is available in a pretty pastel. Green, blue, yellow and pink are the wave makers of 2020. Don’t be shy, it’s not only kettles and toasters that can be colourful; pastel-coloured fridges are a great option too. If this is the trend for you, we would suggest to keep the appliances the same colour and make the rest of the kitchen a neutral shade or silver and black metals.

pastel kitchen appliances

Don’t forget about the floor

We often forget about the floor when we start to think of ways to renovate an outdated space. The best way to go about, is to get light cabinetry with dark wooden floors. Some say that a dark floor is a thing of the past… We beg to differ. A dark floor can make a statement and be very luxurious. With large windows and lots of fresh tones, your kitchen will be trendiest in the neighbourhood. If you have decided to go for darker cabinets, a plain light colour tile might be the better option. Light floors are preferred when the goal is to create a space that reminds of a beach home on a tropical getaway. Concrete floors are another favourite in kitchens. In 2020, nothing is off-limits. Perhaps patterned tiles are more your taste. Compliment the tiles by treating cabinets to a fresh coat of paint and with appliances all in one plain colour.

kitchen floor and layout from above

Metal hoods

Metal hoods are very chic and durable. They are easy to clean, and there’s no need to worry that the trend will fade away. A metal hood looks good in just about any style of kitchen. Right now, the warmer colours, such as copper and brass, are trending. However, chrome and stainless steel are by no means out of style.

metal hood for stove

Sleek millwork

Sleek millwork is extremely up-to-the-minute. This definitely the way to go if you’re looking for a clean-cut look. Not much else is needed to make your kitchen modern with this look. It’s the best way to make a kitchen pop without adding any colourful touches. Black and white has never looked better. Natural brown shades are just as stunning.

butcher block counter

Bold backsplash & wallpaper

One simple change can make the world’s difference in a kitchen. If you’re happy with your appliances, cabinets and ceiling… it’s time to transform your kitchen with a bold backsplash. There are endless ranges of tiles to choose from. From simple white, to hexagon shapes and crystal colours. Floral wallpapers are exciting and our team will show you just how to design the kitchen without being overwhelmed by the unexpected patterns and colours.

bold kitchen wallpaper backsplash

Brick accent walls

We couldn’t be more excited about this trend. Forget about having to choose paint for your accent wall; try bricks. To make it feel even more fresh and contemporary, whitewash the bricks. It can serve as a backsplash, or add open shelves and pot plants to it. There’s no need for a sky-high renovating budget, the brick wall can be easily attained with wallpaper.

white brick kitchen wall

Double Island

If your kitchen has enough floor space, a double island is a trend you would definitely want to incorporate in the design. One island is usually used as a work station to prepare meals, while the other is considered a table to dine at. A second island also makes some space for appliances and an additional sink.

double island in kitchen


Kitchen larders are becoming increasingly popular requests. A larder can be a great way to save space in your fridge and cabinets. We often store items, such as fruit cheese and bread, in the fridge when it would be perfectly fine if stored in a cool dry larder. Not only does it allow you to organise dry ingredients, but it is where farmhouse and modern kitchen designs meet.

If you are inspired and want to find out how to design the kitchen of your dreams, get in touch with our creative team of experts. We’ll transform any dated space into a stylish and functional area.
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