Wardrobe Design Ideas for your Master Bedroom

Master Bedroom Wardrobe Design

The master bedroom is one of the best rooms in the house to decorate, especially because it is the one room where you do not have to worry about what guests and visitors will think. This room is your personal space, and it is the one room that appeals to you, and you alone.

The master bedroom provides enough scope to explore some great master bedroom wardrobe design options. Apart from the wardrobe providing comfortable storage space to pack away your belongings, wardrobe designs must add to the beauty and impact of the overall master bedroom design.

Traditional wardrobes are still popular with many homeowners and designers because of their sheer simplicity and classic look. However, more homeowners have started experimenting and considering distinct designs for the wardrobe for master bedrooms.

One of the main considerations where wardrobes are concerned is their functionality. Everything that you need daily along with items that you may rarely use can be kept in the wardrobe if storage space and design allows for it.

Simultaneously, the external appearance of the wardrobe will contribute to the appearance of the room. It can either stand out from the overall look, or it can blend into the aesthetic and design of the master bedroom.

Continue reading for some of the best wardrobe ideas for your bedroom in 2021.

Master bedroom
Classic Designs


A classic design is one of the more modern wardrobe designs which is intended for master bedrooms where the owner prefers sticking to the basics. The large wardrobe features large classic doors, a classic colour scheme as well as basic finishes.

This classic wardrobe design covers the entire height of the room and ensures maximum storage space and capacity. There is often a dressing mirror to the side, serving as the ideal accessory.

With the classic design, you can also easily incorporate a dressing table or full-length mirrors to the side of the wardrobe, creating a more personalized look and feel, adding to the overall aesthetic of the room.


Open Master Closets

This is one way to ensure that your wardrobe will be kept organised as it is an open wardrobe. This design is especially suitable for roomy areas where there is a lot of floor space, adding a unique addition to the master bedroom.

If you are going for dark hardwood floors, it is advisable to ensure that there is enough lighting inside the wardrobe. Alternatively, if you have light hardwood floors, opting for more natural light to accentuate the wardrobe, room and components may be better to add to your décor scheme and give the master bedroom a finished look.

Multifunctional Design


This spacious and modern master bedroom wardrobe design solves a wide range of storage capacity requirements without resulting in a boring design. This design ensures that you have convertible closet space where clothes and other accessories can be kept while providing a built-in chest of drawers for more storage options, all in one built-in wardrobe design.


Wardrobe-Cum-Changing Space


This involves the innovative use of corner space in the master bedroom that gives rise to a beautiful open wardrobe, much like a walk-in closet that can easily be alternated to serve as a changing space, with an ingenious partition.

This design is also renowned for offering a comfy seat option, further adding to the comfortable vibes of the unique closet space.

Slider Designs


A master bedroom slider wardrobe design is one of the best examples of design meeting functionality. Not only are the slider doors unique and innovative to the design, but they also work the best in master bedrooms where space is a challenge.

This wardrobe also has built-in open shelving that can either be used for décor, accessories, or even as actual storage. Another key feature of this design is the use of full-length mirrors either on one, or both, of the sliding doors.


See-Through Walk-In Closet


One of the luxuries of owning a large master bedroom is having a significant amount of closet space. This makes the see-through walk-in closet ingenious and prevents the overall design from having a “stuffy” and cluttered look.

This design is especially known for being a great alternative to a large but conventional wardrobe design. 

Master closet

Translucent Door Wardrobes


This is a modern and impressive wardrobe design that makes a statement while complementing the luxurious appeal of the bedroom.

The wardrobe features practical sliding doors which are translucent with metallic borders, adding to the glamorous look that is often considered the hallmark of any stylish master bedroom.


Wardrobe Designs with Intricate Detailing


This wardrobe design ensures that the wardrobe is the focal point in the overall aesthetic. The metallic design on the surface of the wardrobe offers both a rich and luxurious look.

The overall colour scheme for the bedroom, with either medium or light hardwood floors, wooden bedside tables, helps to balance the gleamy look of metal accents and makes for a beautiful master bedroom wardrobe design and aesthetic.


Behind the Wall


While there are many innovative master bedroom wardrobe ideas, you do not need to consider building a wardrobe from scratch but can consider a partition in the room, serving as a behind-the-wall closet design.

It serves as a practical, modern, and efficient solution for those who have a lot of space and who prefer to have their wardrobe hidden. The clothes are hidden from plain sight, but they are still accessible and organized, with sleek ceiling lights that are on point.


Wire Shelving in Wardrobe Designs


In the conventional sense, hanging clothes can ensure maximal free space and ultimate efficiency. When combined with one or more shelves, there is a strong hatch pattern that will look aesthetically pleasing.

Not only is it an affordable option, but it is easy to install and severs as a long-term investment that removes the issue of serious maintenance. Not everyone prefers or likes wire shelving, and some may even think that wires could decrease the elegance of the master bedroom.

However, it is a luxurious solution for those who have space to experiment with different layout ideas.

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