Latest Kitchen Design Trends 2021

The Latest Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

The kitchen is often described and considered the heart of the home, and it is an important space that deserves attention to detail. There are many new kitchen brands emerging which means there are a plethora of innovative kitchen design trends in 2021 to replace traditional, conventional kitchens.

In 2021, the kitchen has become more than merely a room where food preparation is done. The kitchen has become the perfect place for families to gather after a long day or the perfect place for a meeting or school session.

With the change in functionality towards a room that integrates several functions, more designs have emerged to bind these into one in a harmonic way. Instead of relying on interior designers, more people have taken it upon themselves to plan their kitchen design projects.

While there are endless opportunities, people may be faced with some challenges, and it is important to consider the existing design and the size of the kitchen. Budgetary limitations and restrictions are another things to consider, but with the top trending kitchen designs listed below, you are bound to find one that will suit the parameters of your kitchen and pocket perfectly.

Open shelve design

The Top 10 Trending 2021 Kitchen Designs

There are many new trends emerging from different kitchen designs in 2021, and the following 10 have emerged as clear winners, offering a variety of options to suit kitchens of different sizes.


Contrasting colours

One of the trendiest kitchen design ideas are contrasting colours such as bright whites, rich timbers, and soft curves which give the kitchen a modern mid-century flair.

The rule of thumb is to combine two shades on opposite sides of the colour wheel, such as black and white, pink, and green, and others which will undoubtedly achieve the ideal, bold contrast.

Two toned kitchens are becoming more popular, and it goes beyond merely contrasting paint colours on the walls of the kitchen. The focus can be shifted towards cabinets and worktops, and even appliances to add depth and character to the kitchen.

Get creative with tiles

The formation has become the largest trend where kitchen tiles are concerned. While classic shapes are still a popular choice, the difference is in how tiles in the kitchen are placed and organised.

There are many new trends that are also incorporating terra cotta tiles to give a more rustic feel to the kitchen, and even the use of white tiles to create a subway look against one side of the kitchen.

Tiles have evolved from merely being used for the backsplash to adorning the walls, and even ceiling, in modern kitchens. Whether traditional ceramic tiles, trendy wood-like, shiny metal, or mesmerizing glass, tiles offer endless opportunities to spruce up your kitchen.


Hidden storage

To emphasise more minimalistic trends, hidden storage has become a popular trend in most modern kitchens. It is a trend that streamlines kitchen designs and provides aesthetically pleasing space that is free of clutter. This trend compliments kitchens with one solid colour, multiple colours, and even contrasting colours.

Hidden storage can easily be achieved by using wood panelling, walk-in pantries, or secondary kitchen space, ensuring that kitchen counters are neat and empty from any distractions that take away from the overall aesthetic of the room.


Variety of textures and materials

In the past year, as more people have spent time home during the pandemic, more have gained confidence in exploring the options that they have with revamping their kitchens. Many have started getting creative as far as colour, textures, and different finishes go instead of colouring inside the lines with traditional designs where colours and textures match.

Trends involving saturated colours, dramatic countertops, and layered kitchens have become more popular as people discover different elements that work to unite all elements in one room.

More kitchens are featuring matte textures combined with some metal accents while others embrace wood and concrete wall blends, metal with stones, glass, and artificial materials.

Hidden kitchens

Having a small apartment and a small kitchen does not mean that you cannot transform it into a chic open-plan space that conceals the cooking area while placing emphasis on other elements.

By uniting cooking, dining, and relaxing into one light-filled room, you can embrace the small space that you have in a flexible layout that combines three functions into an elegant design.

The cooking area of the kitchen along with useful appliances is cleverly hidden behind door panels that look like decorative wall furnishings, and they can be fitted with fingerprint sensors or locks which allow for them to be opened and closed smoothly.

In this clever, trendy design, solid cabinet doors can hide shelves as well as organisers, with a living kitchen that boundlessly merges with other spaces, offering solutions that are practical, and which add to a touch of contemporary chic.


Window splashbacks

This is a trend that may not be suited to every person or kitchen space because not all kitchens have an external wall to include in their current kitchen footprint.

However, if you have an external wall, you can create a window as a kitchen splashback to provide you with a plethora of benefits. Window splashbacks are popular as they allow natural light to flood into the kitchen.

colourful kitchen tiles

Glass panels can link the indoors and the outdoors, making the space more grounded and with a horizontal glass panel as a splashback, you can still have cabinets above and below it to cater to your storage needs.

Open shelves


Open shelves have become increasingly popular, especially where floating shelves are concerned. They are both practical and an ideal spot to show off kitchen accessories, recipe books, plants, or any other object that ties in with the overall kitchen design.

Open shelves also make it easier for you to find things and to remember that everyday items be kept on lower shelves where they are easy to access. Open shelves often take center stage and many designers anticipate that it will be the new favourite corner of the kitchen as more people move from ‘table scaping’ towards using open shelves to showcase styling abilities.


Bold islands


The kitchen island has become an essential feature in larger kitchens and there are a plethora of ideas through which you could make a bold statement. The kitchen island is adapted into a dining island where the family cooks, dines and spends precious time together as opposed to the traditional dining area.

Double islands have always been trendy because they have an air of sophistication and luxury. It may be an expensive addition, but it is worth considering with the right budget, especially when you have a vast, open-plan kitchen.

Despite the preference in design, kitchen islands are more in demand as workspaces, classrooms, areas where food is prepared, and where families come together, leaving a lot of room for bold designs as the centerpiece of the kitchen.


Dark wood


Walnut cabinetry has a fine grain, natural warmth along with rich and dark colours that have become popular in many kitchens these days. It provides an instant feeling of warmth and luxury.

Dark wood cabinets or countertops can easily be contrasted by lighter furniture and bright ‘colour pops’ to ensure that they work in harmony in any size kitchen, further adding to the air of luxury and sophistication.

Another popular trend is towards the interest in dark shades of wood where countertops and other surfaces are concerned. This comes as a result of the shift towards two-tone kitchens where dark countertops mean light cabinetry and vice versa.


Open pantries


Pantries have been a staple in the kitchen for centuries and while many kitchen designs feature hidden pantries, others have elaborate designs where attention is drawn to open pantries. Gone are the days where pantries are merely little storage cupboards hidden away from the eye.

 While the misconception is that an open pantry may draw away from the rest of the kitchen design, a well-executed design will allow for the pantry design to tie into the rest of the room. Where space would allow, an open, walk-in pantry provides for a well-organised, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing space.

 Modern kitchens may also integrate the pantry shelves with the ideal space to display decorative pieces which gives the kitchen a lived-in feel. By mixing a full height larder unit with a large storage capacity with feature shelving and open units, the kitchen will have the perfect balance between a practical function and a decorative finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

The kitchen colour trends for 2021 include green, red, brown, black, white, gold, and blue. With a mix between contrasting colours becoming more popular as well.

Gray and black colour cabinets along with dark wood, greens, and even reds are trending in 2021, while cream, white, and beige are still considered safe choices.

Ceiling-height backsplash, window backsplash, subway tiles, mirrored or metallic finishes, mixes of colours, black backsplashes, marble slabs, and gold accents.

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