16 Latest Bathroom Design Trends 2020

They say change is as good as a holiday, and we believe it too. If you want to make your bathroom feel brand new, there are many ideas for everyone’s liking. We’ve compiled a list with the 16 latest bathroom design trends of 2020 and 2021. You might want to get a dream board ready, as this post is sure to channel your inner designer. Once your bathroom has been transformed, have a look at the latest kitchen design trends.

After you’ve decided on which trends you’d like to introduce to your bathroom, get in touch for a quote and let our expert team to do the hard work for you.

bathroom trends 2020

The bathroom design ideas you didn’t know you needed:


Matte black is classy

Matte black fixtures are timeless and oh so stylish. To make the most of this chic design, pair black with fresh, neutral colours, such as a crisp white and different shades of brown. Black can be incorporated in countless ways:

  • Mirror frames
  • Tiles
  • Curtains
  • Basin & Tub
  • Window and door frames
  • Lights
  • Faucets
  • Toilet Seats

This is certainly a timeless choice and not a mere trend.

black bathroom design

Frameless glass shower doors

Frameless shower doors are easy to clean and help to make bathrooms look neater. They are especially great for smaller bathrooms as it makes the entire area look bigger and are also often incorporated when designing more luxurious spaces with minimal effort.

frameless glass shower door

Open showers

This is the trend that has got everyone on their toes! It’s simple, elegant and incredibly modern… there is no downside to having an open shower. Depending on the layout of the bathroom, it can be separated from the rest of the floor with a glass panel or edges and stairs. Don’t be concerned, clever drainage systems are sure to keep the water from spilling all over the bathroom.

Your wish is our command and we’re no strangers to designing open showers. For an ultra-modern bathroom and easy way to open up the space, this is without a doubt the way to go. Make it interesting with a pattern or texture on the back wall, or go the minimalist route with a solid colour – grey is always a good choice.

luxury open shower bathroom

Vintage bathroom fixtures

Just when you thought it’s time to get rid of the tapware that looks like something from a hotel bathroom in a classic old Hollywood movie, they start to make their appearance in some of the most stylish interiors again.

An antique brass bath mixer with a handshower is definitely not a thing of the past. Visible shower pipes are also no longer something that has to be avoided.

Brass tones and shiny tiles really complement each other. Add a small rug and a few candles to the bathroom to complete the look.

vintage brass faucet with water mixer

Industrial designs with metal elements

There are many ways to achieve this. A brick accent wall always does the trick. We also recommend a concrete countertop and exposed copper pipework and towel rails.

With round mirrors and square windows, you’re already well on your way to getting the industrial look.

Do not underestimate the decorative touch of an Edison light bulb. No industrial bathroom is complete without a few of these. Lastly, consider getting steel soap trays, towel baskets and a steel dustbin.

industrial bathroom designs

Wooden touches for an earthy feel

There is an endless list of wooden elements that will look great in any bathroom. If you want to make drastic changes, consider opting for wooden window frames, doors and cabinets; perhaps even a wooden bathtub.

If your renovating budget is smaller and you prefer a few quick changes, you still have just as many options. Wooden laundry baskets, mirrors and towel rails are available in abundance. Perhaps you’re feeling creative – build your own wooden bath or shower mat.

wooden bathroom ideas

Unique shaped tiles

There is a vast array of tile shapes available today. Swapping traditional tiles for something unexpected, is a go-to move when designing a bathroom with a modern twist.

Hexagon tiles are all the rage at the moment, but unlike trends that come and go, these are more likely to stay on the scene for years to come. Other shapes include fish scales, triangles, diamonds and different herringbone patterns.

hexagon tiles

Concrete everywhere

Bathtubs, walls, countertops, showers… an all concrete bathroom is aesthetically pleasing and easy to clean. If you want some more variety in your bathroom, concrete can be used with other materials such as wood and glass for a luxurious feel.


Marble walls

White marble is a great option for any bathroom. Make a statement with a white marble wall with red and black elements in the bathroom, or tone it down with classic grey accents. A great characteristic of marble is that it can be used in dramatic and bold ways, but also go by almost unnoticed in clean, neutral designs.

white marble bathroom

Large, freestanding tubs

Freestanding tubs can transform a bathroom in an instant. There are many options available.

Some common materials include acrylic, fiberglass and ceramic. However, natural stone, wood and metal tubs can be interesting features in bathrooms too.

Once again, don’t shy away from traditional designs. Who wouldn’t want to soak in a classic clawfoot bathtub? Square and rectangular tubs with straight edges create a contemporary space. And odd shaped natural stone tubs couldn’t be more enticing.

Contemporary Bathroom Design with Freestanding Iron Bathtub

Sunken bathtubs

Sunken bathtubs are becoming increasingly popular. It’s the complete opposite of a freestanding tub as it is built into the floor, but just as trendy. This is perfect if you want to feel like you’re on an exotic vacation in your home. All it takes is few flower petals, candles, glass of wine, and you’ll be in another world.


Sleek, clean cut mirrors

It’s always a big question. “Which one should I get?”
The latest trend it to choose big mirrors with simple borders. We always recommend wooden or steel frames as they are versatile. They can easily be used in other rooms or kept in the bathroom even if you decide to upgrade it again.

large modern bathroom mirros

Double vanities

Double vanities are very convenient. It gives both partners their own space to get ready, and can be a huge timesaver, especially in the morning. Before installing a double vanity, consider the amount of space it will take up. In smaller bathrooms it might not be the best idea, as it also lessens the available counter space.

double bathroom vanity

Accent walls in moody tones

Dare to be different by adding some moody tones to your interior. We’re certain you won’t regret it. From burgundy, to forest green, navy blue and everything in between… A moody accent wall, large mirror, concrete countertop and some dark wood accessories sounds like a dream.


Colourful Basin

Last but not least on our 2020 bathroom trends list, it the colourful basin. Gone are the days of having to choose between a white and off-white sink. Now you can have pastel colours, bright rainbow colours or beautiful pattern designs on your basin.



Plants quickly lighten the mood and makes a design feel fresh. Some great plants for bathrooms are orchids, snake plants, peace lily, moss and Chinese evergreens.

plants in bathroom

If these bathroom design trends of 2020 and 2021 have inspired you to renovate your bathroom, get in touch with our team for a quote. We do our best to get the look you want within your budget and time-frame.

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