Unique Kitchen
Designs in Johannesburg

Mum Kitchens South Africa began with an integrated approach to kitchen designs by incorporating function, style and technology. This is to create luxurious spaces that are practical and aesthetically remarkable.
Contemporary upscale home kitchen interior with wood cabinets an

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to deliver a complete integrated solution featuring the very best in innovative kitchen designs in Johannesburg.

Our expertise in kitchen design enables us to combine material, texture, color and light. The magic transforms a kitchen into an intimate living space for relaxing, cooking and entertaining. Driven to become the best in the region, we complement our kitchen design services by offering premium quality appliances, accessories and installation services.

Mum Kitchens South Africa is the ideal target for home owners, interior designers, architects and real estate developers. The fore mentioned that are looking for distinctive designs and a capable team to install it. These luxurious kitchen designs embody the latest global trends, redefine the functionality of a kitchen and reflect their personality.

We also offer bathroom renovations and custom-made cupboards.

Consultation With your Personal Kitchen Designer


With this in mind, get one-on-one service with your personal kitchen designer backed by the convenience. And also, inventory of an established national chain. Your kitchen designers are your point of contact throughout the entire project. In all honesty, this will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your kitchen designs.

Although, taking a project from initial design through completion always presents challenges. We are there for you every step of the way – before, during, and after completion of the project. Unlike other kitchen designers, our kitchen installers provides services that reduce risk and minimize commonplace mistakes that tend to happen during kitchen projects.

Thus, Mum Kitchens South Africa dedicates itself to making this process run as smoothly as possible, and at competitive rates. Most importantly, our philosophy is that each client is a friend for life. And we want our friends to enjoy the kitchen of their dreams.

How We Do Kitchen Designs in Johannesburg

In either case, our approach is always hands-on and that’s truly what makes us different. Anyway, it starts at the top. Then, comes down across the ladder.

Firstly, Kitchens are the heart of the home. Next, It’s where the joys of life are found. Then, cooking good food and having great conversations.

Afterward, nibbling on snacks or entertaining family and friends. Lastly, Kitchens season your life and your home with love. For this purpose, It is our honor and our pleasure to help you create your dream kitchen.

Obviously, it’s in your best interest to ask your Kitchen Designers what you want them do. How to do it, and that you want them to do it accordingly . If not, you’re missing out on one of the top-secret weapons that their prospects to act accordingly. In conclusion, gather information about our Kitchens, and how we work. Then, visit us on our Instagram page @ultramodern_kitchens to schedule a free kitchen design consultation. In Short, Mum Kitchens South Africa is Your Source for Kitchen Designers in Johannesburg, South Africa.

What to consider when deciding on a worktop

Think about how you use your kitchen. For example, do you often prepare food with lots of spicy color in it or do you regularly? Do you move hot things from hob to oven? Different types of work surfaces suit various cooking methods and foods in different ways. The best option is a combination of beauty and practicality. Check out some ideas in our worktops gallery.
Natural stone
For looks and longevity beautiful, rare and unusual natural stone is hard to beat. Once it’s quarried the same piece will never be found again. And you will have something not only beautiful but unique. When you find a stunning piece, you can allow it to take centre stage in your designer kitchen.
Contemporary materials
Stainless steel has an industrial, professional kitchen vibe with patinated evidence of use building up over time. Similarly, polished concrete, while tough, it needs to be carefully looked after. Although wear and tear adds to its character, with age improving the patina. Toughed glass is durable and comes in one piece so no need for joints. With added lighting it can look very dramatic in an upscale kitchen.
Zoning with kitchen worktops
In our made to measure kitchens there’s no need have the same work surface everywhere. The latest kitchen islands we design for example, use different heights, and different work surfaces, to define zones. For cooking and prepping – on a practical stainless steel work top. And of course, for eating, at a solid Wenge wood breakfast bar.

Modern kitchen designs are not all sleek, metallic, or something out of the future. Instead, these designs are everything and anything that you want it to be.

Mum Kitchens South Africa is at the forefront of modern kitchen designs for Johannesburg based homes. We are more than capable of assisting our clients with not only bringing their ideas to life but also to help them add some more creativity to the plan as it develops.

Johannesburg residents have a certain flair for the modern, often leading the way with décor trends and other home designs. Creating clean and calm spaces which are functional and uncluttered, is what modernising kitchens, particularly those in Johannesburg, is all about.

We offer residents of South Africa’s City of Gold, the opportunity to bring a new and unique style to their kitchens by working alongside us to recreate one of the most loved spaces in the home.

There is such a thing as the perfect kitchen. Although your home might have been built with the standard style kitchen, there is no reason why you should stick with a design that reflects neither your needs nor your personality.

Regardless of whether you want to restyle your kitchen in that timeless, farmhouse look, or give your cooking area a completely modern, innovative makeover, unlike anything seen before, our creative decorators and our building team, know exactly what it takes to transform a kitchen from the standard, run of the mill room, to something out of this world.

Mum Kitchens South Africa is no stranger to using a variety of textures, materials, and colours to breathe new light into any kitchen we encounter. We are renowned for creating kitchens that are relaxing spaces, perfect for making a family meal and entertaining.

Why should you modernise your kitchen?

As with most things in life, kitchen designs, accessories and appliances are continuously changing and evolving as new trends become popular and new appliances become the norm.

And sometimes, you just get tired of the design you have and find that you looking for something refreshingly new.

Modernising your kitchen is entirely your personal choice and you don’t actually need someone to give you reasons why you should do it. But what you should know is just how much you can benefit from the possible changes you end up making, especially if you are thinking about a full revamp.

A modernised kitchen, with its fully functional new makeover, is without a doubt going to instantly make your home more valuable. Homeowners who are looking to sell will find that buyers are a lot more interested in purchasing a home that has a modern kitchen.

But you don’t have to be selling your home just to give your kitchen a full makeover.

Perhaps you are tired of seeing the same features, or having access to only the most basic appliances and installations. Or maybe, your kitchen is simply feeling far too crowded for your liking and you want to bring in some more space so that you can be more comfortable when cooking or entertaining.

Our team has the experience and the expertise to evaluate your current kitchen and come up with the perfect plan to compliment your kitchen makeover ideas. We’ve worked on all sorts of kitchens in the past and turned them into a modern setup, suiting the exact needs of our clients.

Ways to modernise your kitchen

You might be thinking about ripping out the old design and bringing in a completely new look, or you could be looking to just tweak a few things. If you are looking for inspiration, these are just some of the things to consider:

  • New Cabinets: They generally take up the most space, and as such, they are the focal point of most kitchens. If you don’t want a full makeover, just redoing the cabinets is the ideal place to start.  
  • Bring in some wood: Many modern kitchens are called modern because they are all granite and metal. But a modern kitchen can include some warm woods, to make the space more homely.
  • New countertops: Kitchen countertops can quickly be changed without overspending. Updating your countertops can contribute to a more modern look.
  • Paint or cover the walls: Never underestimate a fresh coat of paint or new covers (such as wallpaper) for the walls. It might be just a simple change, but it can make an overwhelming difference.
We provide our clients with a personalised service that caters specifically to their kitchen design ideas. If you are looking to modernise your kitchen design, in your Johannesburg home, we are ready and waiting to assist you.
Mum Modern Kitchens South Africa