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highlight with modern ceilings in Johannesburg

If we think of Modern ceiling design in our homes, so often the first thing that comes to mind is “white, bland and boring.” We make so much effort with the rest of our home but the ceilings get overlooked
Modern wood and cream design

Stylish Ceiling Designs in Johannesburg That Can Change The Look Of Your Home

A great modern ceiling design in Johannesburg is the perfect way to make every room in your home stand out and feel luxurious. Of course, every room is different and depending on the space available to you and the overall style of your house you will have a range of design options open to you. Choosing colors and materials (such as wallpaper, wood or stucco) is a good way to start, if you decide on a counter-top, you can install some lights and create amazing effects.

Modern ceiling design should not contain any harsh elements or lush decorations. This glossy white coat looks super stylish and the curved shape will amaze and delight the onlooker. Make your mark with an unusual color or material. Never forget that lighting plays an important role. Instead of wasting time, call us now. We will be at your service in no time for your ideal ceiling design. Not only does our company design and install luxurious ceilings, but we also do it at a competitive cost.

When redecorating our homes, we often tend to ignore the ceiling design. We usually just paint it white and don’t think twice about any other options. We focus more of the walls and on the floor. But the ceiling is very important and can radically change the whole design in a room. Let’s explore some of the options. Make your home a desirable place to live #modern kitchen design.

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One of the best ways to add a touch of the modern to your home is by changing your ceiling. Ceiling design for Johannesburg homes is quite the trend and it certainly shows no signs of going away.

Every room in your home can be given a beautiful new ceiling, a distinguishing feature that will without a doubt completely transform the look of the room and add a unique touch that has quite possibly never been seen before.

Modern ceiling design goes hand in hand with the addition of bulkheads which is basically protruding features that give the ceiling a certain depth as well as some character.

There are various ways to modernise your ceiling. It can be something as simple as changing the colour to something both flattering and durable, to completely making over the shape or texture. Redoing your ceiling and perhaps even adding a bulkhead into the mix, is without a doubt one of the most cost-effective ways to make a change in your home, without having to commit plenty of time and money to do massive renovations.

And while you are looking at changing the design of your ceiling, you can also take this time to have another look at your current lighting. Lighting in itself can make a space look bigger and more homely. Changing it is also rather simple when you work with the right team, like ours.

The ceiling is often the last thing considered when renovating or doing a décor makeover, for homes and offices alike. Generally, the ceiling is just painted and then left as it is, but with a few simple, rather affordable changes, it can quickly take on a life of its own.

Our team are experts in interior décor, and we know exactly how to bring plans and designs to life using the highest quality materials. We are leaders in home design and our experience in renovations and makeovers is second to none.

Along with providing Johannesburg residents with exceptional kitchen and bathroom makeovers, and built-in cupboard installations, we are more than proficient in professional ceiling and bulkhead renovations.

While we can offer you a variety of design ideas, we are also more than happy to work alongside our clients to breathe life and a new perspective into their dream ceiling and bulkhead ideas.


Why should you modernise your ceilings?

It could be a matter of personal preference, perhaps the need for a little TLC, or maybe you are just tired of looking at a plain white ceiling. When you decide the time is right to change things up in your home or office space, we are just a call away.

A fully made over ceiling, complete with bulkhead features, is not only going to make your room look brand new, but it is also going to be an addition that will without a doubt add some value to your home, although makeovers are not just for those wanting to sell.

When you call us, we will evaluate your room and present a few ideas before creating a whole layout for your ceiling. We’ve worked in all sorts of homes, and with all sorts of ceilings, completing hundreds of projects with great success.


The ways to modernise your ceiling

If giving your ceiling a completely new look is something on your mind, and you are not sure about your options, there are a few designs that you can consider.

Ceiling bulkheads for Johannesburg homes are a popular option and they come in a variety of forms. Some of the most popular styles include rounded, curved and domed features, which can be as subtle or as extravagant as you see fit.

Bulkheads are often used to bring in more lighting or to highlight a specific feature either in the room or on the wall. These features can also be used to hide something that you’d rather not have seen.

Other options relating to updating your ceilings include:

  • Adding beams. Wooden beams are such a cosy yet stately addition and they can suit rooms of all sizes.
  • Make your ceilings groovy. Wood planks, or something similar, can add some warmth to the room in which they are added.
  • Unique colours. You can be quite daring with your ceilings by adding an accent with a specific pattern. This can also contribute to the warmth of the room.
  • Use a false ceiling. When it comes to ceilings, you can actually fake it. This will enable you to add a new type of lighting, or it will simply give your room a more dramatic effect.
Should you be thinking about redoing your ceiling, we can certainly help you to not only come up with a suitable design but also bring it to life.




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