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MUM Kitchens is a manufacturer of custom-made built in cupboards in Johanessburg (BICS) and interior solutions. Be inspired, Be intrigued, by our comprehensive collection. For all your living, working, sleeping, dressing, organizing and storage needs!

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We are known for affordable kitchen cupboards, and also offer bathroom renovations and modern ceilings in Johannesburg.

Built-in cupboards are the staple of any home. Not only do they take up very little space, but they are ideal for hiding away those things you’d rather not have laying around.

As one of Johannesburg’s leading kitchen and bathroom remodelling companies, Mums Kitchens South Africa is also more than capable of providing your home with a selection of truly stunning built-in cupboards.

Our cupboards are the perfect choice for those who want to declutter their home without adding bulky cupboards that take up space. We understand that Johannesburg homes are sleek and well organised, which makes our built-in cupboards the perfect choice for anyone who wants to become more modern and minimalistic.

We offer the residents of Johannesburg this excellent service, which is simply ideal for adding more storage to the home or to the office. All of our built-in cupboards are custom made according to your specific requirements.

Our range of gorgeous built-in cupboards for Johannesburg homes is the solution for all types of storage. Suitable for the bedroom, working space, or living room, we design our cupboards to suit your décor, which is why what we have to offer is completely customised.

Built-in cupboards are so much more than just a storage solution. They can become an important part of your overall interior design. As your provider, we can supply you with numerous design ideas, based on the location in which you’d like your cupboards built. We work with a wide variety of materials and colours, to match your home and your personality.

While we do cater to all styles and décor preferences, we tend to lean more to the modern side of design.


Why should you have built-in cupboards?

Freestanding cupboards have become a bit of a thing of the past. Most modern homes are built with built-in cupboards and most of those who still use traditional wooden cupboards do so because they want to keep in tune with more traditional interior decorating.

If you are looking for a reason to have built-in cupboards installed in your Johannesburg home, there could be a number of motivations as to why you will want to take this route.

There is a certain modern appeal attached to having built-in cupboards. They are quite minimalistic in their nature and because they are designed with some truly beautiful materials, they are almost always rather sleek.

Having an array of built-in cupboards is also going to give your home some more value. Those who are looking to buy a new home will often specifically look at the cupboards to see if they are built-in and if so, they will then look at the type of material used to create them.

But you don’t have to be selling your home just to give your kitchen a full makeover.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting to have built-in cupboards, you will certainly benefit greatly from having such an addition.

We are experts when it comes to all sorts of home and office renovations, with the creation of built-in cupboards being just one of the many services that we can offer you. In the past, we have worked with all sorts of clients, and all sorts of homes, and we can quite easily assist you.


Where are built-in cupboards most suitable?

Johannesburg residents will find that there are many places where they can have built-in cupboards installed. If you are not yet sure where to install yours, or where they will be best suited, here are just a few ideas:

  • The Bedroom. It is the most obvious choice and it is also the most convenient place to put them. Built-in cupboards placed in a bedroom will save space, something that many modern townhouses, in particular, lack.
  • The Kitchen. Bulky cupboards in kitchens, used for storing plates, pots and whatever else needs storing, quickly take up space and can end up being quite difficult to clean. With a built-in cupboard, you will not only be able to easily clean them out, but you will also find that they add something special to the décor.
  • The Office. Every office needs some discreet storage space, whether it is a home office or one found in a swanky building.
Our mission is to provide our clients with the best possible service when it comes to the building and installation of beautiful cupboards for Johannesburg homes. For more specific information, you can get into contact with us.
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